at senior and community centers

The change has worked!

When I first sat at the Treasurer's desk after being elected in 2016, Bernalillo County employees were on furlough. Since then, I was happy to help the County offer pay raises to County employees.  Now, with the challenge of COVID-19, when many of our citizens are being laid-off or dismissed from their much needed jobs, County employees continue to receive a paycheck and benefits while working from home to help support continued essential services that protect the health and safety of us all.

As County Treasurer, my first responsibility is to administrate an office of over 35 County employees, giving them the initiative to be proud of the work that they do for the citizens
of this County.  My office oversees the deposit and safekeeping of public money for Bernalillo County.  We keep the books for all county monies, collecting and distributing property tax for all taxing entities each month.

Since my first day as your County Treasurer on January 1, 2017,  I've insisted upon treating my position as a full-time job. That was just the first change in the Bernalillo County Treasurer’s Office.

During my service, the County Treasurer's Office has...

  • passed all independent audits;

  • made safe and sustainable investments, earning $24 million to make up for the $17 million loss of my predecessor in 2014;

  • increased capital growth of the County's portfolio to $156 million, for a 66.8% gain;

  • restored transparency, trust, ethics and leadership to an office staffed with over 32 dedicated public servants;

  • eliminated workplace silos in the Treasurer’s office and cross trained employees;

  • streamlined office processes in order to pass all internal and external audits;

  • restored the confidence of the County Commission in the Treasurer’s Office;

  • upgraded internal office security;

  • kept people in their homes with th e lowest delinquent property turnover rate to the State in 10 years;

  • increased communication with the County Commission;

  • created the first Treasurer's All-Ages Financial Literacy Program;

  • initiated a Citizen Outreach Program to educate taxpayers about property taxes;

  • initiated a Local Community Impact Initiative and Certificates of Deposit Account Placement program;

  • made deposits to local Community Banks to keep the taxpayer’s hard-earned money working in their community;

  • been recognized by S&P, Fitch and Moody’s for keeping the highest AAA bond rating, protecting taxpayers from high interest bonds and debt;

  • successfully requested greater investment flexibility from our State Legislature that will give all County Treasurers increased opportunities for safe investments.

Besides continuing the changes of the past four years, Nancy intends to:

  • Utilize expanded investment flexibility newly authorized by our Legislature.

  • make the County Treasurer’s office a one-stop Payment Office for all county departments,

  • upgrade public online experience.

  • Increase public social media outreach and education to all ages, utilizing strategic partnerships with credit unions, banks, schools and non-profits.

  • Increase preparedness for remote office transition during disaster emergencies.

  • Nancy has been elected by her peers to two consecutive terms as President of the NM Counties Treasurer's Affiliate. 
    She is a member of National Association of County Collectors, Treasurers & Finance Officers (NAACCTFO) and the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA).

Re-elect Nancy Marie Bearce

Bernalillo County Treasurer

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